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Miso Soup

Soy bean paste soup


Seafood soup

Assorted seafood in clear fish broth


Wakame Soup

Seaweed in clear fish broth


Gyoza Soup

Vegetable dumpling soup (clear fish broth)



Avocado Salad

House salad with avocado on top


House Green Salad

Mixed vegetables & lettuce with house dressing


Sunomono Salad image

Sunomono Salad

Assorted seafood & seaweed salad


Salmon Salad

House salad with spicy dressing with salmon on top


Wakame Salad image

Wakame Salad

Seasoned seaweed salad



Agedashi Tofu image

Agedashi Tofu

Deep fried tofu served in tempura sauce


Ebi Shumai image

Ebi Shumai

Fried dimsum style shrimp dumpling


Edamame image


Boiled soy bean


Gyoza image


Deep fried vegetable dumpling (6pcs)


Haru Maki image

Haru Maki

Deep fried vegetable spring roll


Ika Karage image

Ika Karage

Dee fried squid


Ika Sugata image

Ika Sugata

Grilled squid



8pcs of assorted fresh cut of fish


Soft Shell Crab image

Soft Shell Crab

Deep fried whole soft shell crab


Sushi Pizza image

Sushi Pizza

Assorted fish chopped with salad and spicy mayo on deep fried sushi rice


Takoyaki image


Deep fried octopus and batter in shape of a ball, served on yam tempura fries


Tempura image


Deep fried shrimp and/or vegetables in tempura batter.

Assorted (shrimp & vege)


Shrimp (Black Tiger)


Mixed Vegetables (seasonal)


Yaki Tori image

Yaki Tori

Grilled chicken on skewers


Side Rice

Steamed White Rice


Sushi Rice


Brown Rice


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